Registration: Registration is available online through the Thursday before the race. You may also register at Owenhouse Cycling from 3 pm to 7 pm on the Friday before the race or at the starting line on the morning of the race (during check-in) BEFORE 7:00 a.m.

Packet Pickup: Packet pickup is held at Owenhouse Cycling on the Friday before the race, between 3:00 and 7:00 pm. Please contact us if you are not able to stop by during this time.

Start: The race will start at 7:30 am, immediately following a mandatory pre-race meeting at 7:15am.

Fees: $50 through the day before the race.  $60 on race day.

Directions: From Bozeman, take I-90 east and take the Bear Canyon exit. Turn right on Bozeman Trail Road and continue .02 miles to Bear Canyon Road. Turn left and drive 3.6 miles to the trailhead parking area at the end of the road. 

Camping: There is no camping allowed at the trailhead but if you are interested in camping nearby, check out the Bear Canyon Campground.

Course: The Mystic MTB Trail Race consists of 40+ miles of trail throughout the Gallatin National Forest. The course will start and end at Bear Canyon Trailhead and will consist of roughly 6,000’ of elevation gain.

Prizes: Prizes and awards will take place on Saturday immediately following the race. There will be awards for four categories: Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Men’s Masters (40+), and Women’s Masters (40+).

Shared Use: We are holding this event with a permit from the Gallatin National Forest with the understanding that this is still a shared use trail. Be mindful of others on the trail. Give them space. A smile and a hello go a long way toward ensuring that mountain bikers continue to have access to these great resources.

Cutoff: To keep two way traffic to a minimum on the Mystical Bear section of the trail down to Mystic Lake (mile 5.6 to mile 10.5) we will have a strict cutoff time at 9:00 am at Bear Lakes. Racers who miss this cutoff will be forced to return to the start. Racers must reach the aid station at the base of Moser by 1 pm. Racers who don’t make this cutoff time will have to remain with the volunteers at the aid station and be shuttled back to the start.

Intersections: There are roughly 20 marked intersections and some are more obvious then others. It is your responsibility as a rider to know the course before the start of the race. While the trails are marked, it is possible that a marker may not be obvious or you may take a wrong turn at an intersection. Refer to the course map before the ride and understand where you are going to avoid missing a turn or becoming lost.

Shortcuts: Are not permitted. You must stay on the racecourse at all times. If anyone takes a shorter trail, cuts a switchback or otherwise shortens the course, they will be disqualified. The trail map and turn by turn directions are given out well in advance. Look over them and know where to go.

Aid Station:  There is ONE aid station on the course, which riders will pass twice: at Mile 16 and at Mile 24. Volunteers will have water, sports drinks, energy gels and blocks, and bananas for the riders, as well as mechanical support and emergency communication available. We strongly encourage riders to bring along tools for on-trail mechanical repair, and plenty of food and water to stay properly fueled and hydrated throughout the entire course.

Safety: This is a remote mountain bike race. We expect all riders to be self-sufficient and able to ride the entirety of the course with the water and food that they have packed with them from the start. Do not rely on any persons or aid stations out on the course as you may not make it to them. You must also be able to fix flats and mechanicals, and we recommend that you bring along personal first aid in the event of an injury. Wild animals do exist; be aware and plan accordingly.

Bailing: This is not an easy ride through the woods, you may not be able to complete the whole course. In the event that you cannot complete the course, you must alert one of the volunteers. Areas to bail are Bear Canyon Trailhead, Bozeman Creek Trailhead and Moser Creek Road. If you do not let someone know, we will assume you are still riding.

11 thoughts on “Info

  1. Ed

    So just to clarify, there will be a single aid station available for water refill located around mile 20? Racers will pass this station once during the race? Thanks.

  2. John Doran

    Hey, guys, is it ok to pick up race plate etc. on the morning of the race? I won’t be able to come over from Helena on Friday. Thanks, and looking forward to racing again. — John Doran

  3. Matt Eggleton

    When will the GPX file be ready. I’m flying in from overseas to visit family (and will have my MTB with me). I’ll only have a few days to re-acclimate myself to the elevation, so I’d like to ride the trail a few days before… will need the GPX.

  4. Aaron,

    You will be able to see these categories in the results but we will not have awards for each category breakdown this year. Awards will go to top men’s and women’s finishers and we will also have raffle prizes at the awards.


    Ryan and Steve

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